Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Bodi 1/35.

Esta figura tiene una historia peculiar, la pinté para acompañar a un Vehículo que hice a medias con un buen amigo, finalmente el Vehículo se lo regalamos a un modelista legendario que supongo lo tendrá en su vitrina a buen recaudo.

La figura quedo «huérfana», ciertamente siempre me ha gustado mucho, el sujeto, la escultura y porque no decirlo, el trabajo de pintura resultante.

Finalmente me he decidido a rescatarla como «Figura-Figura», colocarla en una peana mínimamente decorada, limpiarla y volverla a fotografiar, antes de colocarla en mi vitrina de figuras de la 2ª G.M.

Espero os guste.

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Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Body, 1/35. (Paint in Progress III).

I continue painting the Hungarian Panzer Crewman, now is the turn of the khaki green cloths, I try to paint it with the airbrush like the «Jerkin» jacket, but the necessary masking is very dificult, with sleeves in khaki green cloth, finally I decide to do it with brush.

I prepare a base color with 4p. German Field Grey WWII 830 + 4 p. Russian Uniform 924 + 1 p. English Uniform 921 + 1 p. Olive Green 967 + Flat Base X-21 de Tamiya, for una absolute flat finnish, I apply the base coat in three or four fine layers, until obtain a perfect finish.

Next step is the highlights, to the base color I start adding Sunny Skintone 845, for the last lights I add Light Flesh 928, is very important in every highlight paint less surface that previous one:

Next step is the shadowing or downlight, I add to the base color Olive Grey 888 and Oxford Blue 807, the blue is very important to do deepest shadows and more atrative color, a bit of the Medium Glaze 596 is fundamental also to do it in very thin layers, in next picture is hard to observe the two first shadow layers:

In the latest shadows I add a bit of Black 950, and I do the shadow and light outlines:

Next Step the boots and cuir complements.

Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Body, 1/35. (Paint in Progress II).

I start to paint the uniform with the airbrush, I mixed Vallejo’s acrylic Glossy Black 861 with Saddle Brown 940, this way I obtain a satin color perfect to imitate the leather finnish:

I apply highlights airbrushing from the upper of the figure, to lightening the base color with more Saddle Brow, and Bright Orange 851. Important, don’t apply it uniform, only from the high of the figure to light the upper parts, I was applied three or four shades lightening successively:

For finish the airbursh phase, I did the opposite process, in this case I mixed Black 950 + Glossy Black 861, and very diluted, I airbrush it from the down of the figures, to increase the shadows of the figure:

For finnish the leather jacket, I increased the last lights and the last shadows with the airbrus, and I outlined the lights and shadows, to add more color tones I applied blue and sepia glazes and little chipping with orange and flesh colors:

And for this is all, next step the trousers, sleeves and the cap. I hope you like it.

Best Regards All.

Hungarian Panzer Officer, The Body, 1/35.

I’m returning at my workbench, I start to paint a figure for the Zrinyi tank, it is a figure by The Body, the sculpture and the cast are very well done, in this one I’ll try new (for me) figure paint technics, I will use the airbrush, for some parts of the uniform.

I start to paint the face and hand, with the usual technics, the color palette is very pale, I like to do the Zrinyi and its setting, with pale, grey and sad colors.

I’ll keep updating soon.